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Birth support  
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in the north of Sweden

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Hi, I´m Emma

I grew up in the north of Sweden, spent many years in Stockholm where I was running a yoga school, a massage studio and working as birth support.

​I'm now located in Jämtland and my work is focused on retreats in nature and supporting pregnant women through pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

Pregnancy & Birth support 

Committed birth support, meaningful ceremonies for various life transitions, and nurturing massages both before and after pregnancy. 

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Birth support

For the last 14 years I've been working with pregnant women support them through pregnancy and birth and beyond. 

I offer various packages designed to meet your needs that includes personalized care, emotional support, and practical guidance throughout your  journey of giving birth and becoming a mother. Crafted to ensure you feel supported, informed and cared for during this transformative time. 

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Ceremonies for birth & post partum

Ceremonies can support various life transitions, providing closure and marking the end of a cycle. They can also help process feelings of grief and sadness when things don’t go as planned. Ceremonies can guide us to the deeper layers of innate wisdom and our true inner voice 

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 Pre- & Postnatal massage

Providing comfort and support to women before and after childbirth. During pregnancy, the massage helps alleviate discomfort, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. After birth, it aids in recovery, relieves muscle tension, and supports emotional well-being. Each session is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a nurturing and soothing experience that enhances your journey into motherhood.


Workshops & Retreats

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Yoga & fjällvandring - sommar

15 - 18 aug 2024

För femte året i rad håller vi sommaryogaretreat. Sommarfjäll som glittrar och djupdykning i yoga. Vi vandrar i funäsfjällens vackra miljöer och praktiserar yoga både med fjället som vy och vid älvens porlande ljud. Följ med på kanske årets vackraste dagar


Yoga och fjällvandring - höst

19-22 sept 2024 

För femte året i rad håller vi höstyogaretreat i vackra Funäsfjällen.

Sprakande höstfärger i fjällen och djupdykning i yoga. Vi vandrar i funäsfjällens vackra miljöer och praktiserar yoga med fjället som vy. Följ med på kanske årets vackraste dagar

Castle retreat Normandie.JPEG

Castle Yogaretreat in Normandie

2-6 Oct 2024 

Be the first one to experience this beautiful place. For the first time in history the Chateau de Thubeuf is opening its doors for yoga retreats.



November 2024 i Indien (Datum släpps sommaren 2024)

Är du yogalärare och vill fördjupa dig i gravidyoga? Denna TTC ger dig kunskap och praktiska färdigheter att hålla yoga för gravida och stötta dem genom graviditet och födsel med hjälp av yogans verktyg och tekniker. Kursen hålls på en vacker kursgård i Hälsingland, boende och mat ingår. 


Skid & yogaläger exklusivt för kvinnor

5-8 Dec 2024

Skidteknik & yoga, torsdag - söndag med boende på Bruksvallsliden i samarbete med VasanförMargit



Yogaretreat med längdåkning i Storlien

 2024/2025 Datum släpps hösten 2024

När vinterfjällen är som vackrast tar vi en paus från vardagen och njuter i skidspåret och landar på yogamattan. 


Skid & yogaläger 

9-12 jan & 6-9 feb 2025

Skidteknik & yoga, torsdag - söndag med boende på Bruksvallsliden


Yogaretreat på Tinos, Grekland  

Sommar 30 Aug- 8 sept 2024

10 dagars retreat på den grekiska ön Tinos. Retreatet leds av Alessandro Ortona (Sam Buddha)

Mer info kommer

Hatha Yoga Intensive med Alessandro (Sam Buddha) & Emma (Siddha Vidya)

(Datum kommer)

Fördjupa dig i olika aspekter av asanas, genom dharana. Under dessa fyra dagar ägnar vi oss åt praktik på djupet, för att förstå och komma närmare en sann upplevelse av oss själva

Local events Åre / Duved


Yoga i Duved


Privatyoga enskilt eller i grupp

About me and Tridevi Yoga

After 13 years with my own yoga school in Stockholm, it was time to return to Norrland.

My yoga journey began at 19 in Australia, continued in Canada, and then took me to India for my first yoga teacher training in 2006. From the start, I sought traditional, authentic yoga, far from fleeting trends and without promises of ease and exhilaration. For me, truth has always been more important than flashy experiences, and inner exploration is neither easy nor always pleasant. It can feel wonderful but also challenging. Yoga's essence is about feeling what you feel and becoming more aware of your inner processes, eventually leading to true freedom and the discovery of your true nature— no longer so affected by critical and limiting thoughts, childhood imprints and fears.

I've always questioned societal norms. After the birth of my first child, I realized how modern birth culture often creates more risks than benefits, viewing birth as a medical event rather than the spiritual initiation it truly is. This realization deepened my understanding of how birthing women are treated today and became the foundation for my work with pregnant women since 2010, including prenatal yoga, birth preparation courses, and birth support. Birth is a soul journey and an initiation that deepens one's experience of the spiritual dimension of life. Besides birth work, I lead retreats in Sweden, Greece, France and India as well as private yoga sessions and lectures for groups, companies, and individuals.

Contact me

Tridevi Yoga

Sågvägen 8F Duved

BG: 603-9721

Swish: 123 149 23 70

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