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Do you want to start practising yoga or get an understanding of what it actually is? 

Or maybe get back to your yoga practise again? Well, then! This is your chance! 

With love and care you will be guided through this vast subject and be presented with the foundations of yoga! What it is and what it is not. To give you some hints, the focus is on inner awareness more than complicated postures for outer inspection, the focus is on what’s present and alive at the moment and not on the idea that yoga ”should” make you feel in a certain way, the focus is to connect to your own inner voice, and not on getting outer instructions that tells you what right and wrong, the focus is on connecting to your inner core, the focus is on exploring a softer, less judgemental part of ourselves and not to perform or to be a ”good” student. 


Sounds like something that you want to explore? Then do sign up!

The class is taught in English,  open to anyone that understands English, regardless of first language. 

Teacher is Siddha-Vidya, disciple of Bihar school of Yoga since 2004, creator of Tridevi Yoga. She's been teaching since 2006 and the last 12 years at her own place + as a teacher at retreats in Sweden and abroad. 


Fysiska rörelser och positioner som balanserar nervsystem, det endokrina systemet och stärker och mjukar upp kroppen. 



"Andningsövningar" för ökad energi, lugn och balans


Yoga Nidra.

Yogisk sömn som ger avslappning på ett fysiskt, mentalt och känslomässigt plan. 



För ett klarare sinne och ökad självkännedom. 


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